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There weren't any modern webhook management tools so I built HookActions to solve my own problem.

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IIOY - Is It Out Yet?

Originally created in 2013, Is It Out Yet (or "IIOY" for short) is a one stop shop to see if your favorite movie is out yet.

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The Open Dashboard Project

The Open Dashboard project was started in 2014. It was originally intended to be a quick and easy way to see the date & time. From that it has grown to include the weather, news & stocks; as well as allowing much more customization than the original. The main emphasis is that this project is completely open source to everyone!

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simple note

Create simpler, more elegant notes with only the information you need in the simplest way possible.

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Support / Memberships

python software foundation
Python Software Foundation

Proud member of the Python Software Foundation since 2018.


Elijah Wilson

Created ZUMH in 2013 as a place to develop new software and technologies.

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